Welcome to August 1st, Are you ready to Activate, accelerate and amplify your creative energy this month? This week the VIP program that is going to start this new moon on Lions Gate August 8, is going to be life changing, in a way of creating your new reality on the new earth organic timeline. Get ready to challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone. So, let’s look at the number energy of 8/8/2021 when you add up the numbers it is number 3 energy. This Thursday the 5th is a 9 energy, complete and done. The full moon energy of 8/22 /2021 comes to an 8 energy. All about the Divine Creation Goddess energy Divine feminine energy. This new moon program is 14days long ends the day after the full moon. If you did the first VIP Spiral Light Level up , You are ready for the next level of course there is a discount for those who just recently did the first VIP portal activations. Imagine 14 days of readings , where you are creating your 3 portals every four days creating that momentum and the last 2 days anchoring all three energies. Can you say LIFT OFF! Also this program will have 14 days of Voxer or facebook messenger voice recording. This program can be personally designed to help you create the energy behind what you are desiring to Manifest. Price for this VIP deeper change, becoming more of your Divine creative self is $111.00 if you sign up now until 8/5/2021 then the price goes up $134.00 8/9/2021 group will be closed. So, if this is a good alignment for you don’t wait till the last minute join now before the price goes up. Are you looking for career change, relationship, new home, good health, or a better life start. Spiral Light will help you release, claim and transform into the Alchemy of divine self. Blessings!!! Create Create!!!