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Do you believe that you can Command things into existence? Do you believe enough in yourself to know that you can change energy situations around you? A friend of mines was out at a evening soft ball game where there were sharp, pointy flying bugs surrounding her bombing into her head. Finally she spoke with her Divine Voice firmly commanding that they stop infringing upon her sacred space, she used my snap technique to change her timeline energy and command them to leave. The bugs left and did not return the rest of the evening. Because we are Divine Beings of Light we can command non light beings to get out of our space, by universal law they have to abide . We are all moving into our higher Frequency of our higher self, when you say I Do Not Consent to this negative energy , the energy has to change direction because you are not aligning with the frequency of it. I am inviting each and everyone of you to stand in your Divine Voice to command change in your life. You must have the frequency to create the change. What do I mean by this? Well, you can’t command change in your life from a depress frequency or angry frequency because you will get more of the same. The universe responds to frequency and vibrations. It only takes 7seconds for the Universe to grab your frequency message and to give you a response according to your vibe . Blessings!

Spring is finally here ! But yet I still see these man made clouds trying to hide the Sun upon my face. The cool air in the morning is still reminding me of a hint of Winter still slowly leaving. Today, I visit the local Metaphysical shop Light Weavers in Citrus Height, Ca. This store has a mix of Salem and New Orleans atmosphere , very magical feeling. It is almost time shifts for me to be in two places at the same time. New Orleans is very dear to my heart because of Family Roots there. Which is a different story within itself. I have always been a in Love with earth, animals, trees, water, fire, and air of course, But is Magick of the Divine self? It is the moment when you decide to create change in your life, thats when the magick shows itself.

I felt like there was apart of me that was just waiting to light the spark of new magical energy under my feet. What step was I waiting to take? What new place do I want to move to? How do I want Divine Magick to really anchor into my spirit of everything that I am designing in my company? How will the magick show up?

Magick is just a thought or a whisper away! As soon as you connect to the Divine you are in flow. Magick is never gone it is always in flow of creating. How will you resurrect yourself during the start of spring? What seeds will you plant? Be very Clear in your thoughts and your words to really see your seeds give you back what you planted. May you be brave enough to resurrect your Divine magick within.

April energy month is going to be fast with surprising outcomes. Stay in your divine light, Get ready

A mother’s words that can make or disrupt your creative energy. Have you ever wondered why old hurtful words that were said to you when you were younger are still playing in the back ground of your mind? The words like , because you can’t add or do math correctly you will never have money, you will never have anything in your life. These words will cause a person to always feel so form of low self esteem because these are not Divine words. These words are low vibration and do not give any support to ones soul purpose on mother earth. Low vibration words create limitations in ones belief of self. The words have already imprinted on the cellular memory of the body. What if your mother or who ever spoke low spirit words over you , undid those words? What do you think your energy would be like ? What if Divine words were spoken over you? You are able to do math correctly, You are always going to have money, Money loves to come to you, You are my Divine child that will always have abundance and prosperity, You have the power to create anything in your life, You are worthy of money, love and good health while you are living on this planet. I remember when the Divine Mother Source spoke to me, Her words were straight to the point, “I will always Love you , you are never alone, you deserve all that you desire in your life. I fill in the areas where your earth mother has forgotten within herself.” I felt this Divine energy fill within my spirit, pure love.. Spiral light healing is one way to remove the old word energy out of your space and then connect with the Divine Mother to speak her words of Divine over you to fill you up. Divine words creates Divine soul purpose. May Divine words be spoken over your life today!!!! So mote be and so it is done!

The nine day Detox Spiral Light is very popular for deep clearing emotional bodies. This program offers you the 4 days of frequency clearing and light codes. During the four days you are receiving face time of coaching for 20 minutes, getting to the root of the issues. Charged water and frequency codes are activated for the first 4 days. Most frequency will start off as 999 clearing level frequency will be million to trillion coded light frequency. The last 5 days will be healing frequency codes as well as intergration of healing through the mind, mental, physical and spiritual, intergration will also be in the chakras. This program is all about feeling lighter, clearer, and shifting. This program cost is $333.00 .

Spiral light is a life changer. Talk about getting clear out of the stuff that creates the energy of blockage to your desires. So, far Spiral Light has reach people in Hawaii, Sweden, and of course United States. This is the way to feel lighter and inspired in your life. Spiral light is great for old emotional energy that is flowing through your DNA. How about clearing ancestor and generational blood line emotional timeline.

The second program is the 72 hour reboot your system spiral light. This program offers an intense increase of frequency codes that will rapidly go into the cellular DNA of the cells to shift out old emotional patterns . The first two days comes with two 20 minutes coaching sessions, deep clearing and frequency water. The third day is your intergration healing into the body. Price is $222.00

The Spirit wellness program is all about herbal, crystal frequency exlir, flower essence, and essential oil. This is a 90 minute program at $160.00 for moving your body into healing space of nourishing. This program is great for energy for body renewal of energy moving out of sudden depression and anxiety energy. It helps with trauma emotional energy.

These three programs are available by booking your appointment at, you can also join me on IG priestessmekala333.

What to expect after your spiral light session.

  • Your body will feel lighter
  • You will sleep deeper
  • Increase energy in your body
  • Awaken new gifts within you
  • Deep emotional healing within generational timelines
  • Your body is able to hold a higher frequency
  • Activated light codes in the body
  • Awakens your soul purpose
  • Moves out old Alien AI attachments
  • New inspirations
  • Increase in immune system

I am so happy that I am able to put new updated information here on word press to link to my web page of events, news letter, and healing modality . I will also be hosting online retreats of the Magic of You and the Medicine Woman. I just have one question for you ?? Are you in it to win it! Are you ready to take Aligned action to move forward and step into your Soul purpose?

Send me a message today and lets Talk about a new way to move into your true Soul purpose.

Blessings and Love

Priestess Mekala333



I am finally writing again.  I was having some moments of just be quiet for awhile, but I had a lot to say.  Sometime you just have to sit in stillness and just watch things that take place in the world around you.  There are somethings in the world that are not wonderful to my heart.  Are we moving forward in this world or backwards.  What does it mean to really be loving beings ?

Are we becoming better human beings?  Are you willing to make a stand for the greater good in the world?  How much love  energy will it take  to create a loving caring compassionated world?  Just giving you something to think about. Blessings!

Prayer Bowl

August 11,2013 I posted on my business face book page how I like using a prayer bowl. Little did I know that my site went from 19 likes to 6,ooo saw the picture. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. The Pray bowl can be anything that is a bowl that you give it a purpose. You can even call it a Manifestation bowl, if you want too. It is all about a purpose and intention. To start a prayer bowl , find a bowl that feels good to you, then take paper of you choice color or plain and write the pray down on a small piece of paper and place into the bowl after 7 days give it to spirit by fire with tobacco. Sending up your prayers to Creator, Divine being, Mother Father God, what ever the universe connection is to you. Don’t stay attach to the outcome just let it go. Then watch what happens. My teacher has taught me never limit Creator. Creator is unlimited, because the Divine can work miracles. Enjoy your Prayer bowl journey. Blessings!!!!

A few months ago I was teaching a heal the healer class  and somehow the subject came up with the word witch.  I gave a definition that the word witch means a country dweller, oops! wrong definition.  Pagan is defined as the country dweller.  Witch is define as a person believed to have magic powers and is an old ugly woman or hag or  a charming alluring girl or woman.  God is defined as a supreme being Creator and ruler of the universe with supernatural attributes and power. Goddess is define as the female God.  Which brings me to Genesis 1:26 ” Then God said, Let US make man in OUR image according to OUR likeness. Hmmmmm!  wondering thoughts, wondering thoughts!  Religion is define as the service and worship of  God or the supernatural, a belief held to with faith.   The word magic is define as an extraordinary power or influenece seemingly from a supernatural force.  Mysticism is define as the belief that direct knowledge of god or ultimate reality is attainable through immediate intuition or insight.  Intuitive is define as  the power of knowing things  without conscious reasoning.   Priestess is define as a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion.   I get asked alot where do my gifts come from?  The answer is always and will always be from GOD, because I was created in his or her image.  People love to put me in a box and label me, but I love to live outside the box and beyond lables.

This is for all the magical healers to know who you are and to LOVE who you are. We are on this earth for a short  time, so live  now without fear of the true self.  You are  who you are!  It doesn’t matter what your belief is or how you connect to the Divine Creator. There are many paths to the ONE SOURCE.  Live from a place of wisdom, integrity,truth,courage, and honor. Live a magical life everyday and be happy!

I am looking forward to writing about my spiritual journey.  I wanted to share that I have dyslexia so bear with me if  my writing might be off. Having dyslexia has been a very interesting  way of learning. I am a license vocational nurse of 23 years and this journey is coming to an end, which means I am moving towards my true calling. Not to mention  that most LVN’s are being  replaced by RN’s, but new RN’s  are having problems getting hired.  I don’t want to start talking about nursing. I want to talk about following your dreams and really living your life.  Living now and stop making excuses for not living your passion.  Being a Intuitive Transformational Coach is just another way of creating change. Out with the old in with the new, removing old energy out to make space for new growth.  Listening to my client speak from their spirit is where the healing starts.   I have some wonderful life experiences that I will be sharing. So, stay tune! Be good 2 you!!!

7 Elements

Hello! I am new to this site. I am looking forward to connecting with all who are walking life one heart beat at a time.