The nine day Detox Spiral Light is very popular for deep clearing emotional bodies. This program offers you the 4 days of frequency clearing and light codes. During the four days you are receiving face time of coaching for 20 minutes, getting to the root of the issues. Charged water and frequency codes are activated for the first 4 days. Most frequency will start off as 999 clearing level frequency will be million to trillion coded light frequency. The last 5 days will be healing frequency codes as well as intergration of healing through the mind, mental, physical and spiritual, intergration will also be in the chakras. This program is all about feeling lighter, clearer, and shifting. This program cost is $333.00 .

Spiral light is a life changer. Talk about getting clear out of the stuff that creates the energy of blockage to your desires. So, far Spiral Light has reach people in Hawaii, Sweden, and of course United States. This is the way to feel lighter and inspired in your life. Spiral light is great for old emotional energy that is flowing through your DNA. How about clearing ancestor and generational blood line emotional timeline.

The second program is the 72 hour reboot your system spiral light. This program offers an intense increase of frequency codes that will rapidly go into the cellular DNA of the cells to shift out old emotional patterns . The first two days comes with two 20 minutes coaching sessions, deep clearing and frequency water. The third day is your intergration healing into the body. Price is $222.00

The Spirit wellness program is all about herbal, crystal frequency exlir, flower essence, and essential oil. This is a 90 minute program at $160.00 for moving your body into healing space of nourishing. This program is great for energy for body renewal of energy moving out of sudden depression and anxiety energy. It helps with trauma emotional energy.

These three programs are available by booking your appointment at, you can also join me on IG priestessmekala333.

What to expect after your spiral light session.

  • Your body will feel lighter
  • You will sleep deeper
  • Increase energy in your body
  • Awaken new gifts within you
  • Deep emotional healing within generational timelines
  • Your body is able to hold a higher frequency
  • Activated light codes in the body
  • Awakens your soul purpose
  • Moves out old Alien AI attachments
  • New inspirations
  • Increase in immune system

I am so happy that I am able to put new updated information here on word press to link to my web page of events, news letter, and healing modality . I will also be hosting online retreats of the Magic of You and the Medicine Woman. I just have one question for you ?? Are you in it to win it! Are you ready to take Aligned action to move forward and step into your Soul purpose?

Send me a message today and lets Talk about a new way to move into your true Soul purpose.

Blessings and Love

Priestess Mekala333