A mother’s words that can make or disrupt your creative energy. Have you ever wondered why old hurtful words that were said to you when you were younger are still playing in the back ground of your mind? The words like , because you can’t add or do math correctly you will never have money, you will never have anything in your life. These words will cause a person to always feel so form of low self esteem because these are not Divine words. These words are low vibration and do not give any support to ones soul purpose on mother earth. Low vibration words create limitations in ones belief of self. The words have already imprinted on the cellular memory of the body. What if your mother or who ever spoke low spirit words over you , undid those words? What do you think your energy would be like ? What if Divine words were spoken over you? You are able to do math correctly, You are always going to have money, Money loves to come to you, You are my Divine child that will always have abundance and prosperity, You have the power to create anything in your life, You are worthy of money, love and good health while you are living on this planet. I remember when the Divine Mother Source spoke to me, Her words were straight to the point, “I will always Love you , you are never alone, you deserve all that you desire in your life. I fill in the areas where your earth mother has forgotten within herself.” I felt this Divine energy fill within my spirit, pure love.. Spiral light healing is one way to remove the old word energy out of your space and then connect with the Divine Mother to speak her words of Divine over you to fill you up. Divine words creates Divine soul purpose. May Divine words be spoken over your life today!!!! So mote be and so it is done!