Spring is finally here ! But yet I still see these man made clouds trying to hide the Sun upon my face. The cool air in the morning is still reminding me of a hint of Winter still slowly leaving. Today, I visit the local Metaphysical shop Light Weavers in Citrus Height, Ca. This store has a mix of Salem and New Orleans atmosphere , very magical feeling. It is almost time shifts for me to be in two places at the same time. New Orleans is very dear to my heart because of Family Roots there. Which is a different story within itself. I have always been a in Love with earth, animals, trees, water, fire, and air of course, But is Magick of the Divine self? It is the moment when you decide to create change in your life, thats when the magick shows itself.

I felt like there was apart of me that was just waiting to light the spark of new magical energy under my feet. What step was I waiting to take? What new place do I want to move to? How do I want Divine Magick to really anchor into my spirit of everything that I am designing in my company? How will the magick show up?

Magick is just a thought or a whisper away! As soon as you connect to the Divine you are in flow. Magick is never gone it is always in flow of creating. How will you resurrect yourself during the start of spring? What seeds will you plant? Be very Clear in your thoughts and your words to really see your seeds give you back what you planted. May you be brave enough to resurrect your Divine magick within.

April energy month is going to be fast with surprising outcomes. Stay in your divine light, Get ready