Do you believe that you can Command things into existence? Do you believe enough in yourself to know that you can change energy situations around you? A friend of mines was out at a evening soft ball game where there were sharp, pointy flying bugs surrounding her bombing into her head. Finally she spoke with her Divine Voice firmly commanding that they stop infringing upon her sacred space, she used my snap technique to change her timeline energy and command them to leave. The bugs left and did not return the rest of the evening. Because we are Divine Beings of Light we can command non light beings to get out of our space, by universal law they have to abide . We are all moving into our higher Frequency of our higher self, when you say I Do Not Consent to this negative energy , the energy has to change direction because you are not aligning with the frequency of it. I am inviting each and everyone of you to stand in your Divine Voice to command change in your life. You must have the frequency to create the change. What do I mean by this? Well, you can’t command change in your life from a depress frequency or angry frequency because you will get more of the same. The universe responds to frequency and vibrations. It only takes 7seconds for the Universe to grab your frequency message and to give you a response according to your vibe . Blessings!